Cherishing The Present: Preparations by Sonya Paclob

The preparations for the baby is unfolding at the household of Darrin and Cristine. The arrival of Cristine's father, Danny, and mother, Jemima, has arrived from Maryland barring bins of gifts from family and friends. The anticipation for the baby girl is mounting and the child's name has yet to be revealed until the birth. 

Jemima, mother of Cristine, goes to her knees and starts to talk to her granddaughter, "Hello! It has been awhile. I can't wait to see you!" said Jemima.

Alphabet cards are placed above the crib. The name of the baby girl will be reveal when she is born.  


Darrin and Danny, father of Cristine, carry bins of clothing and gifts from family and friends from home to the living room. 

The three generations are a moment of touch. Cristine and Jemima place their hands the belly together to feel the unborn child move. 


Cherishing The Present: Last Few Moments by Sonya Paclob

 Cristine and Darrin walk laps in The Market On State Mall in Athens, Ohio. They stop and browse the shop of Bath and Body Works. The moments they have together will be the last few times they can spend time together. The graduates students at Ohio University are awaiting on a special present to be delivered.  

In the next couple of days, they will have another addition into their family. The are both expecting their first child. 

It is important for them to stay healthy together by preparing to cut strawberries and bananas together in the kitchen for their cereal.  

They visit the River Rose Obstetrics for one last check-up. 

More photographs of their story will be posted every few days.

Just Got Pickled. by Sonya Paclob

Bagel Street Deli not only has amazing bagel sandwiches that are a mouthful, they also throw intresting festivals in naming their bagels on the menu. The deli was packed with people trying to see down a narrow path in the shop. My friend Sarah signed up for Annual Pickle Fest. The contests have to eat as much pickles in 10 minutes.

Matt Greenlee, right, dressed up for the occasion from Fear and Loathing and was listening to Dave's Matthew Band. He had a technique in eating his pickle by turning them clockwise while eating them at the same time. 

Sarah aka Sarah the Killa, only ate four at the end. At the end of the contest, everyone was watching Matt eating is pickles. 

At the end, Matt Sucked Down was the winner at the event.