This is Margaritaville by Sonya Paclob


Freshly picked zinnias from Marie Rudy’s garden in Mount Wolf in a plastic cup, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013. 

Marie Rudy and Michael transformed their backyard into colorful flower gardens.

Several residents and friends of the Mount Wolf couple call Marie Rudy's gardens a “flower paradise.” But to Rudy and Michael, it's their “Margaritaville.” They have eight garden plots with at least 20 varieties of flowers ranging from vincas to zinnias.

The 200-year-old farmhouse is transformed into a mini-getaway. The private, 5-acre property has a painted beach mural on a old chicken coop and pink flamingo lawn ornaments spotted around the property.

The most prized addition to the property is the colorful flowers that have been care fully cultivated for 22 years.

When Marie married Michael, she didn't have 

A portrait of Marie Rudy and Michael in front on their home property at Mount Wolf, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013. 

experience in gardening.

“When I got married, I didn't have a green thumb,” she said. She was inspired by her mother-in-law and has since learned by trial and error.

Michael is astonished by how she can find time to maintain the garden.

“She takes care of me and her 90-years-old mother,” and works full time as a WellSpan billing representative, he said. “She would say, ‘You're on your own for supper.'”

Marie spends at least two hours in the evening watering with her golf cart. She used to carry gallons of water by foot, until she received the golf cart as a gift from Michael.

The backyard is a beach- themed oasis overlooking the patches of gardens. It's a getaway for them and her friends. According to Marie, many people think they are rich, “we're not rich, were blessed.”


Marie Rudy enjoys her view of her gardens from her patio, Thursday Aug. 22, 2013. She and her husband Michael owns 5 acres farmhouse who has transformed the property into a small oasis.


Cherishing The Present: Last Few Moments by Sonya Paclob

 Cristine and Darrin walk laps in The Market On State Mall in Athens, Ohio. They stop and browse the shop of Bath and Body Works. The moments they have together will be the last few times they can spend time together. The graduates students at Ohio University are awaiting on a special present to be delivered.  

In the next couple of days, they will have another addition into their family. The are both expecting their first child. 

It is important for them to stay healthy together by preparing to cut strawberries and bananas together in the kitchen for their cereal.  

They visit the River Rose Obstetrics for one last check-up. 

More photographs of their story will be posted every few days.