Cherishing The Present: Preparations / by Sonya Paclob

The preparations for the baby is unfolding at the household of Darrin and Cristine. The arrival of Cristine's father, Danny, and mother, Jemima, has arrived from Maryland barring bins of gifts from family and friends. The anticipation for the baby girl is mounting and the child's name has yet to be revealed until the birth. 

Jemima, mother of Cristine, goes to her knees and starts to talk to her granddaughter, "Hello! It has been awhile. I can't wait to see you!" said Jemima.

Alphabet cards are placed above the crib. The name of the baby girl will be reveal when she is born.  


Darrin and Danny, father of Cristine, carry bins of clothing and gifts from family and friends from home to the living room. 

The three generations are a moment of touch. Cristine and Jemima place their hands the belly together to feel the unborn child move.