Open House by Sonya Paclob

My good friends at Inhale Yoga Studio had an open house in January. For one day, all the teachers were teaching different classes by the hour. They had great classes for everyone and had an unofficial dog mascot stop by to say hello. Later in the evening, the room was packed with at least 30 people in a tiny room, but everyone managed to still work out and cooperate in a friendly manner. The things people could do with their bodies is amazing. Believe me, its beyond my capabilities. 


Change of Heart by Sonya Paclob

Worked on a collaboration with Kendra Wagoner, writer, on a story on an installation placed in a showcase of the Learning Communities in Lincoln Hall at Ohio University. The piece punished on Compass

Collaboration with other people on project made the work enjoyable. We also understand how difficult transcoding Flip cam to Final Cut Pro could be. It took about an hour or two to compress on the files for Final Cut Pro to read the video correctly.