Dads Weekend & Multimedia by Sonya Paclob

The winter weather didn't stop these dads from visiting their favorite Bobcat. Dads Weekend was packed with many memories and great activities. What is your favorite memory?

Graphic Designer | Photographer | Editor | Producer 
Sonya Paclob Photojournalism, Undergraduate Student 

Audrey Kelly Photo Illustration, Undergraduate Student
Wayne Thomas Photojournalism, Graduate Student 
Pat Taylor Photojournalism, Graduate Student
Ohio University Athletics Department


I proposed to do edit the multimedia work for University Communication and Marketing team for Dads Weekend. I wanted to take the opportunity to use After Effects skills I learned in class a few days ago and created a upbeat jazz work. I thought about what Dad music would sound... Jazz. 

Software: Photoshop, Bridge, and After Effects

Link: After Effects Wiggle Text tutorial


Over Dads weekend, I took some photographs when my roommates dad's came and visited. It was filled with ice, snow, getting locked out, and Indian food.