Making Lasting Memories / by Sonya Paclob

My family likes to party. I'm thankful my cousin can bring so many people together and organize and grand celebration.

We celebrated 4th of July weekend with extended family outside of the state. Her mother-in-law had no idea it was a party for her. When a banner that read, "happy birthday" presented in front of her, she was shocked - and held her breathe and her tears - she didn't want to show her weakness.


When everyone took pictures and went away, she stood in the dining room. Looked around at her son and daughter-in-law and gasped to excel any feelings she kept from them. She didn't say a word, but gave a smile. She wiped her tears that ran off her face and hugged it out with my cousin. 


I asked my cousin, how she can keep up with so many parties? She said, "Because I want to make memories." 

She was right, she wants to make memories last. I credit for learning that from my cousin.