Power of Sketching: 30 Day Challenge / by Sonya Paclob


Who still draws on paper? Who is still sketching things out? We have  smart phones and our computer to draw out our conclusions? But, what happens when you don't?

I've talked to designers over the years. I found that doodling, sketching out on physical paper is the fastest way to get your ideas out and chat with co-workers. What's the problem? Making it a habit, especially for me. I met with Rizwan, UX Designer in California who has a passion to help designers/developers make it into a habit. He developed the 30 Day Challenge to anyone wanting to join. It's free to take along with his comments and google hangout. Join me and my other friends as we explore our creative side.  

Here are some of my drawings from the workbook. I take about 5-10 min. to sketch it out and do research on certain prompt drawings. Rizwan suggested it's best to look and copy at examples.  

We also created a Spotify music collaboration. Music always helps the mind to get into a creative spot. Fun way to get into the groove.