BTS: Goodbye Final Cut, Hello Adobe Premiere / by Sonya Paclob

I'm saying goodbye Final Cut Pro 7 and moving on Adobe Premiere. Also, critical look into developing the video and story. 

Screen Grab of finished documentary "Comics in Education"

Screen Grab of finished documentary "Comics in Education"

I've used Final Cut Pro 7 as a major part of my workflow for seven years (the irony) and I FINALLY made the switch. Why? Because technology and tools are changing and I needed a new challenge.

The "Comics in Education" documentary is brief look into the community during Free Comic Book Day and the positive benefits in reading one for all ages. It was part of a larger body of research that included photos and a story for print newspaper.

I will be honest, this was my first time opening Adobe Premiere Pro and working on a longer video. I quickly gained a few knowledge of where keyboard shortcuts were and the use of the timeline. It was almost the same at Final Cut Pro 7. And I also had some training in Adobe Premiere Elements. 

It was not too foreign to me. By the time I was done with the video, it wad clear I had to move onto a better Video editing software. 

PROS & CONS w. Adobe Premiere Pro:

- Format to .mp4 or .mov
- Do not have to compress video files
- Sub clipping made w/ keyboard shortcut
- Edit audio tracks in multiple layers
- Closing gaps in timeline w/ out misplacing audio or video
- Text titles easily edited and more range of options
- Looks like a mini version of Adobe After Effects

- can not repair clipped videos (still doing research) 

What work, what didn't work

The newspaper daily grind is a difficult. Their are some set backs in trying to be everything when time is tight and when people are too busy with their own work. It took about a month and 2 weeks to produce the video, research, story and photos. 

I wish I had two others to help with motion graphics, post production and sound recording. I thought the video needed more attention to color and a steadier shooting capabilities, but I could not let the work set out too long after Free Comic Book Day, which happened Saturday, May 3. It was a great learning experience for myself in both research about the topic and time management.

See story and photos of Comics Educates All at York Daily Record / Sunday News

My most favorite part is meeting Dave Kot, co-founder of Autism At Face Value who created a super hero with Autism in a comic book. 

I had a clip of him saying he was autistic, but I left that piece out of the documentary. I felt the work as a whole won't support his confession. I want people to focus about the work he has done than being autistic. I want people to come up with their own conclusion and actually read the book. Find out on their own terms. 

He said this to me, "I'm autistic, but I'm also a bald, a left hander and wear glasses. I want people to judge me on this traits than just being autistic."