What is Snow Day? A week with ZERO degrees / by Sonya Paclob


I hate snow.

Hate is a strong word, but I really do mean it.


Pennsylvania received at least a foot of snow and temperatures dropping to 0 degrees.

The Virginia Beach girl that I am, bundled in three layers from head to toe. My bed is like blanket mountain and my car acts like a wimpy kid when snow starts to accumulate.

Snow selfie

Snow selfie

I had some experience of snow before in Ohio, but not this bad. According to some local residents, this has been the worst it has been in years.

Great, my first time in York and a big snow ball hits me. Literally.

However, I see it half glass full and frozen. Operating in the snow makes me HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER. Just like the Daft Punk song. But in this case in the snow, I was not faster.


Majority of you who had a snow day and stayed in watching Netflix and sipping your hot chocolate, I was out in the snow. When it snows harder, the news go out and go deeper in the storm.

I say to people, What is a snow day? Because I probably will never have one. What keeps my blood pumping and the thrill as a journalist is the adrenaline rush.


My first day this week, I caught workers towings cars away due to the city calling the snow storm a state of emergency.

I was out walking around in the snow for 2-3 hours, with additionally another 2 hours after my break. It was the best learning experience. One - need to get better gloves and Two - found a great gym that promotes fighting racism and violence on women.


My next days - I played Connect 4 with the community and saw cub scouts racing their cars made from a pinewood block.

####_NWS_SP-derby-3 (1).jpg

You can say my job is unpredictable. A whole lot of danger and a lot of fun.

But one tip for anyone in the snow, NEVER EVER get groceries when is starting to snow, because you will end up like this guy. The left car lost control, went over the medium and lightly taps the SUV in front of me.