Work, work, work on my multimedia / by Sonya Paclob

Hello online! It has been awhile. I removed myself from online and traveled. Asked deep meaningful questions about life and work. For several months I've traveled to Tennessee, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I took care of family and meditated, and now I am back to share the good news. 

I am happy to say I rooted my myself strongly. Found inspirations in my stories I've covered the past few months. I am ready to share with you my experiences. 

I am here in York, Pennsylvania working with York Daily Record as a multiplatform journalist. Here is some of my work recently in the passed three weeks. It is a mixture of photos, video I've done.  

The Brothel in Gettysburg Valerie Francesangeli is not afraid to open her brothel business, Chateau de Repose during the Gettysburg 150th reenactment Friday, July 5, 2013. "Put the shingles out and take off your dress we, are open for business."  - Valerie