I quit facebook - day 3 / by Sonya Paclob

I decided to quit facebook last Sunday – for only a month. 

Social media has been integrated into my personal and my work life. I can't escape the daily babble and the notifications. Sometimes these small conversations become a very big time suck. It's like an addiction. 

I had the idea when I bought Fast Company magazine with Bartunde Thurston happy face on it. i was traveling to Las Vegas. Who reads magazines now a days? But I love it for its connivence and its portability on the plane. I didn't have to put it away during flight and it was in my hands. I didn't have the backlight disturbing me. After I read the article, I disconnected for 30 days.

I left my public  announcement of leaving, but as you can guess; majority of my facebook friends didn't care. I disabled my feed and notifications. The only reason why I would log into facebook is to chat and post for work. 

When, I did leave for a short moment. It made me aware of my surroundings. I went blueberry picking with some friends. 

I was able to take in nature and brought me a little closer, to baby hens and bugs.  

I'm still logging into facebook, but only to chat with some friends. Now, the bigger problem is getting out of the other social media addictions, instagram and twitter. It won't go away, but at least I can focus on my own personal work.