My Friend's Birthday / by Sonya Paclob

This ladies and gentleman is my best friend Aaron Wentt and it’s his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

This birthday wish does not stop here. Oh no. Aaron, you might regret being friends with me because I take pictures. Honestly, I don't care. 

This is a photo story about how this dude is an awesome best friend. 




Aaron and I have been friends for about four years since Tidewater Community College. (Yes that it’s been that long. Counted on my fingers just to make sure.)

You see this photo I took,  is the Aaron I know. 

Embarrassing. I know right? Oh well, I don’t care. Just keep scrolling down. It gets better.  



Aaron was that friend that was able to get people together. 


We hang out. 


Look at art. 


He will pick you up and give you piggyback ride while holding left over AIGA food in the rain. 


He will go above and beyond for you. Like wear an ugly sweater party to your celebrations. 


He has always been a family man and makes sure family always come first before himself no matter what. 


He has taught me the value of giving thanks to those who helped you get to where you are today. 


But, we all know what Aaron is known for; his laugh and his smile. It always put a smile on your face when you see that grin. 

1107_hb-Aaron-1 (1).jpg

This is Aaron last year on his birthday. We celebrated when President Obama got re-elected. Sorry Republicans. 

This is Aaron as I know him now, the most bad ass dude on the planet. Happy birthday my friend. An orange in each hand is a must on this most epic day.