My Mother's Smile / by Sonya Paclob


This is my Mom. She lives in Virginia and I live in Pennsylvania. She came to see me over the weekend. As you can she, she has a great smile. She got a Ruben at the local market. She said it taste really good!



 She is brave to come all this way to see me, because she drove almost eight hours. She took her sweet time. It only takes 5 hours to drive depending on DC traffic.


However, she is a trooper. She might look small and fragile, but she packs a mighty punch. I gave her sometime to rest for awhile.



She hates that I’m a photographer. She will never get use of me taking her pictures, but I think she is beautiful human being.



I took her and my auntie out to pick apples. They both were curious why they didn’t see any apples on the way. They shut up when they saw rows of apples trees. It was our first time picking apples together.



“This is like crazy,” my mom said in her Filipino accent. She bought three boxes worth of Cameo and Stayman apples. She is crazy.



Because not only she thought of herself, she thought about giving them as gifts. All the apples she picked is for her friends at church and family. She is a good person to think of that. Hope I get her kindness from her.



I took her to where I work, York Daily Record. She is pictured with a roll of unprinted newspaper. She thought it was cool that I have an awesome job. She is right.



 I also had my boss Kara show her around the printing press. Mom is telling her a story about her days as a printing press in Hawaii. Mom has great stories about Hawaii.


Mom has wicked fashion taste for sunglasses.




This is a last picture of my Mom at the Oyster Festival at a museum. I think it was a fake horse. The oyster sandwich was okay. People from Virginia have high standards for seafood.

I’m sad my Mom left, but I hope she is happy where I am now. She puts a lot of faith in me and I hope I made her proud.

I love my mom very much. And I’m thankful she spent time with me. Even if it was only for a weekend.