Down on Once Luck - Homeless Story [multimedia] / by Sonya Paclob

Homeless in Ohio from Sonya Paclob on Vimeo.

Can't stand the cold? Imagine living under highways and sleeping out on a rock with no where to go. James Hammound was once homeless on the streets of Columbus, Ohio for two years. Health and wellbeing was James' sign to live off the streets and dedicate his life to serving other who are still braving the cold weather.

In volunteering at the Open Shelter, his duty is to bring a smile to everyone around him. He dances, talks, and even councils them to be better in getting off the streets. He hopes that other people could see the homeless are also people who are down on their luck and need a helping hand. 


How do you find a subject that is a little out of your comfort zone? The Homeless in Ohio was an optional group project spear headed by Stan Alost, Associate Director of Visual Communication at Ohio University who taught the Photojournalism capstone class for undergraduates.

In working it teams, its always difficult to work with someone who doesn't have the same workflow. Matt Hatcher was someone I admire of his work on drug addicted stories. His determination in seeking individuals in trouble times wanted me to work with him. I am known for my work to be about relationships and family.

At the end of the project, I became more humble. I was hesitant at first to place myself with people who were homeless. Not knowing their behavior, but they are the same of you and I. The difference is that they "are down on their luck," said James Hammound.















The multimedia project was a mixture of video, photography, and text. Usually, I am not a fan of text, but The Homeless in Ohio was perfect in getting the information across. Not fitting the standard rule-of-thirds, I experimented in placing the text as print on a page. It gave the video more modern flare. 

Working in teams and collaborating is the best way to understand your strengths and weakness. If you find yourself in teams, always try to strive for something you are not good at. Matt Hatcher wanted to try his hands on video. On the other hand, I wanted to spend more time with developing story with audio and transcribing.