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I don't care about newspapers by Sonya Paclob

"I don't care about newspaper," said in a conversation a year ago to me. What do I care about? I care about news. And newspapers are just one of the platforms in sharing stories. 

I don't want to discount newspapers. They are a wonderful sources about the community. I am thrilled when a cub scout troop wants to get 10 copies of the newspaper of their pinewood derby event.

However, it is a fact; the newspaper subscriptions are declining. Does that mean journalism is dying?

Let me be real with you. Majority the people I know don't pick up newspapers on a daily basis. The news lives online and it's thriving.

I occasionally pick a newspaper up in the morning. But, all day everyday is seeing news on my mobile flipside app or in my twitter feed:

Sometimes from someone's facebook post:

How do newspaper companies who have talented news gathers keep the journalism world alive? I believe the thinking needs to be shifted: Online first, print second. Here are sorts of ideas for online.

1. Video: Everyone has a story to tell. I love video because of what I get to learn from it. I've always been a visual learner from a young age. I like shapes, sounds and moving pictures. Here is a preview of videos I did for a year: 

Their are three types of videos out there. 1. The mom's shaky camera, instant hits. 2. Semi professional, yet short budgeted. 3. The big production movies and T.V shows. The newspaper world can benefit from all three categories and can tell amazing video stories if you have the right subject and flexibility. 

2. Maps: Re purpose information into a more visual and interactive piece for viewers. Easter egg hunt events can be a list for people to check out. I edited to where locals can find their event on a map. 

I posted the map on facebook and locals were engaged to share the information. 

3. Instagram: Everyone likes good news. Instagram has a niche culture in sharing ideas. The York County instagram followers like good news. It is rare for them to "love" a breaking news photo. 

These are some examples newspapers can move beyond print.



Writer For A Day: Being A Blob in Journalism by Sonya Paclob

Their is a lot of changes is happening in the journalism industry. The print product is reaching dangerously low in subscribers. The way of tradition is on it's way out the door. To be honest - I kind of like the tradition. As a whipper-snapper, young blood in journalism, it's great learning the tradition and then breaking the rules. Because I'm a rebel ... that tell stories. 

I'm a photographer by nature, but their are some things in life where you can't always be one. My editor sent me out as a writer to cover tomorrow's story on National Stitch-In-Public Day. 

I couldn't help but capture my colleague snapping away pictures on the ground. It's a different perspective because the readers don't see what photographers are actually doing.

Now, I need someone taking a picture of me, taking a picture of Jason.

Happy stitching day.