Richmond Treasures by Sonya Paclob

After Chris and I ran the Raider Rock 5K, we headed to Richmond for some fun filled adventures in Carytown Burgers. I had the best Garden Veggie Burger ever.

We sat outside since the weather was perfect. We were admiring the burgerrific atmosphere. 

A freshly zipped tied Woody on a truck. 

We walked around Cary Street and saw FUR, non profit organization in saving dogs from the shelters. I placed my contribution in a cup to save these small critters. 

After we walked around the area, we headed of the Science Museum of Virginia and saw this box turtle poking his head out in his baby pool.

A self portait of myself in seeing myself in every angle possible. I look good. 

PawPaw Festival by Sonya Paclob

I have never herd of a pawpaw before. I tasted one at the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago, and OMG the taste was amazing. The texture and taste was almost a mango. Sadly, paw paw is ending its season and I have to wait for another year to taste it juices. 

September 16 & 17: I experienced my first Pawpaw festival. It was fun and exciting event to go. I thought it would be great and follow around the Pawpaw mascot.

35-year-old Joey Boyle stands around as the Pawpaw fruit mascot at the Pawpaw Festival at Lake Snowden in Albany, Ohio on Friday, September 16, 2011. Boyle volunteers at least 12 hours to wear the 35 lb. costume his girlfriend, Kelly Shaw, made for the festival. “I sometimes wonder what would a pawpaw do if it was a person,” said Boyle.

Pawpaw mascot shoes