Adventures in Missouri with BF / by Sonya Paclob

I didn't know what to expect when I visited St. Louis, Missouri. My best friend of over 12 years wanted to visited an area we both didn't see before. We have visited majority of the East Coast on our own and most of the Google plane prices were a little over $300 for a weekend. We wanted something cheap and fairly new, and so we found MO for our weekend vacation. 

St. Louis was beautiful and quiet for majority of the city. But most of the hustle was at the baseball stadium with the Cardinals vs. Cubs. Sadly, we were never baseball fans - and didn't have tickets either. But, we did find the fountain to be oddly bright orange, which signifies Cardinal's color. 

What we didn't expect is how extremely nice everyone was to us. My friend always compared themto people of DC, who were more unspoken. We got into the Botanical Gardens for free because I caught an elderly's hat flying off her head due to the wind. It was nice she bought us tickets.