Mocha Want More / by Sonya Paclob

Is coffee good for you? Well - we all know its sometimes a good idea to treat yourself ounce in awhile to a fancy coffee.

I had a a break over the weekend and Yelp on my trusty phone. I found Square One Coffee in Lancaster, Pa. It was about 6 minutes walking distance from volunteer destination at the Letterpress Heritage Museum.

I pop a squat at the hippest place on earth with wood cut benches and chairs. I felt generous to myself and ordered a mocha. 

After I drank it with true glee on my face, I wondered if what I was drinking is good for your health. I googled it and found it is not. 

According to the Daily Mail, drinking mocha is just like eating a brownie. They gave the health habit a 1 out 5. 

"A mocha is an espresso with added steamed milk, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Because of its high fat content, it can contain more calories than most coffees - 310 calories when made with whole milk and 230 calories when made with skimmed milk. That's almost ten grammes of fat and 80mg of caffeine." - Daily Mail

Well. I guess to have it ounce in awhile. Everything in moderation right?