Someone pissed off the Ice Queen / by Sonya Paclob

Ice is dangerous especially for everyone in York County. On top of a snow storm last week, an ice storm arrived Wednesday reeking havoc on roads and trees.


I thought the winter storms were over, but don't hold your breathe. This was one of the worst so far with ice breaking trees in half and landing on cars and blocking roads. 


Ice can be pretty, but also dangerous. I was assigned to cover some damages accumulated over  a few weeks from the winter storms. 


It took out a lot of cars and especially rental cars according to the auto body shop. What was worst was the major power outage in York County. Some people were out of power for days. Luckily, I didn't loose power.  But, my paper was nice of enough to give the public to recharge. 

On other days. I was with the cool cats of CoWork155 who offer a place to work outside of a normal work standard. Some people who work there have a unique perspective about life. 

Someone must have pissed off the Ice Queen to have this much damage. Praying to a God that won't give PA more snow. I am ready for spring.