Asian American Experience / by Sonya Paclob

Hannah Yang and mother Hyun Ji enjoy their last few hours together before Hyun goes back home to Cleveland, Ohio. Mother’s weekend comes to a close at Athens, Ohio leaving Hannah home sick and mother Hyun Ji missing her daughter. “It’s only three weeks left,” yelled Hannah as Hyun drives back home. 

Hannah Yang is a Korean American who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, who is going to Ohio University for Broadcast Journalism. Her first year at Ohio University was difficult for her to move away from home and live in a population with less than 1% of Asians. “People think I’m Chinese here,” she said over the phone with me, “I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.”

This is a start of several series of following Asian Americans going to Ohio University. I am uncovering the feelings away from home and battling with stereotypes and the challenge of balancing their Asian culture and their American culture at the same time.