International On Court / by Sonya Paclob

Hot, sticky, harsh, and food. A few words to describe the event on Court Street Saturday, May 19, 2012. These words do not explain the full celebration in Athens, Ohio.  

The 30th International Street Festival was greeted by President McDavis of Ohio University. He expressed his love for the university in uniting the campus with many International associations around the area. He loves the full of exchanging of stories and sharing cultural cuisines. "Lets celebrate, celebrate, celebrate," shouted by President McDavis. 

 Not all the students were there for the street festival. Many of these students were getting ready for 9Fest, another festival off campus that included music and alcohol.  Some of the students are scene purchasing alcohol and dressing for the occasion in a patriotic clothing. The University is avoiding another house burning by increasing police officials around these events. 


I stayed majority of my time on court street making sure I covered the street. My favorite part of the festival was the parade itself. It was lovely to see people so proud of their country, waving it proudly in the air. Some people also had their face painted of their nations flag. 

That day, I also met the Filipino American Association. I was happy to see a group of Filipino Americans on the street. I found a little girl dressed in the traditional Maria Clara with her friends. They didn't see all to happy standing around in the hot sun.