Halloween Bash on Court Street / by Sonya Paclob

Happy Halloween! Its a party on Court Street at Ohio University. I dressed as the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who with my room mate Sarah. In the picture bellow, we found other Doctor's on Court Street and the Tardis. I say the picture was the best mix of Doctor's we have seen.

I took my point and shoot camera with me and slow synced all my pictures to have a really cool streaking effect. Their was a bunch of drunk people, scaniliclad women, and ecaped Zanville animals. For me, Hallowen Block Party was more of a people watching and seeing some amazing costumes. Other 99% were their for the Party.  

Doctor Who clan and the Tardis.

Party Rock and I am Not A Whore costumes

Church Members held up signs to "Save" people from hell. Some people walked passed them and ignore their signs.

Clown taking a smoke break