by Sonya Paclob

Made in Donegal from Made In Donegal on Vimeo.

Made In Donegal is a documentary about the food culture in County Donegal, Ireland. It focuses on the local producers, the local buyers, and the local advocates for the rebuilding of a sustainable food model in Donegal. Created in six weeks by six Ohio University students in the Scripps College of Communication, the film was written, shot, and produced during the summer of 2012 in Co. Donegal, Ireland by: 
Alex Bolinger, Joey Buccini, Kelly Matousek, Matt Monachino, Amanda Olszewski and Sonya Paclob.
Original music by: Jeremy Howard and Steven Ostroske. 

by Sonya Paclob

Project C: United Campus Ministry from Sonya Paclob on Vimeo.

United Campus Ministry is a nonprofit organization in Southeast Ohio where they foster service through socially progressive and interfaith values. Their most cherished program is the Meals Program where they bring the Athens Community and Ohio University tougher.

This documentary was produced for 2012 Project C, clicking creates change, a organization run by students at Ohio University to raise money for four organization and use social media to bid votes. All four nonprofit organization at the end have a share of the accumulated money.

United Campus Ministry received $415.82

by Sonya Paclob

My2Cents: Clipping Coupons from Sonya Paclob on Vimeo.

Sociology Criminology student Bryttani Barker saves money by clipping coupons and buying in bulk. She is inspired by her mother's teachings and wants to show others that it is not so hard to save a few dollars.

My 2 Cents is a show where it focuses on the student body at Ohio University and how they save their money due to high cost tuitions, books, and housing payment.

The documentary series was produced for Ohio University at University Communication and Marketing during 2011 - 2012.

by Sonya Paclob

The One Percent from Sonya Paclob on Vimeo.

Among the students, only one percent remains to be unseen at Ohio University. Three students unravel and embrace their Asian American identity at university with no Asian American establishments.

Being Asian American is tough in the midwest especially in Ohio University. Coming from a background thriving of Asian Americans in Virginia, I didn't know I would have a deep culture shock. Here are three Asian Americans with a wide range of background on how it is like to be the 1% student population.

This short documentary is an ongoing research on Asian American racism. If you have any questions please email to

Thank you to Hannah, Kristel, and Tara for being an amazing people and sharing your stories.