Red, White, & Asian / by Sonya Paclob

Memorial Day Weekend kicked off with the Grand View Parade in Columbus, Ohio. I stayed over my roommate's parents house and was extremely welcome with amazing food and great smiles. Saturday, we sat on the curb and watched the parade. The only march that was worth seeing is the patriotic President Abe on a uni motor bike impressed me. 

In the afternoon, we traveled to the Asian Festival. I am working on a documentary on Asian Americans living on campus and got a chance to experience a festival with different variations of Asian cultures in one park. I met Kristel who is a host at one of the stages at the festival. The Indian costumes will full face paint was surprising. I was actually scared at one point, because of the performer was in character. 

Kristel later invited me to a Filipino Dinner meal. Something I haven't had in a long time. I tried to maintain my professional photojournalism ethics in not taking food, but I can't say no to a Filipino Mother. It doesn't happy that way. The culture is about sharing food no matter the staus of a person. It is not good to piss of an Asian Mom. 

Kristel,right, and her mother, center, live with her aunt and family at a one story house. Kristel is in transition in moving back to the Philippines. "I come back home to Columbus, Ohio to check on my mother," said Kristel.