District of Columbia / by Sonya Paclob

DC was so much fun! I went with a bunch of the coolest people on the planet (cool centrally located in Ohio University) These are some of the photographs so far on my trip. I'm working on a multimedia piece for the university soon as a get some web interviews and other photographs! For now you have to "just" scroll through the photographs. The distance from Athens, Ohio to DC was about 6 hours in an 18 passenger van. By the time we arrived at the Helix Hotel, were were well aware of our comfort zone. 

We were all waiting outside of the Helix Hotel waiting confirmation of our roon numbers. Majority of the girls had their own pillow. Gina's pillow was extra special because it was an actual creature.

Saturday morning, bright and early. Our group were split between PBS kids and NPR. I went to PBS kids because I am a  kid for one. No hard feelings to NPR. (I do listen to Morning Edition in the morning) Ocean Elier, Web Designer and former OU Alumni shows his work he did for PBS Kids Go website. He said, "Big Paper, Big Ideas." ( I wrote that in my moleskine book :3) I thought it was interesting to work beyond the starts 8.5x11 paper. He also said, "You don't have to grow up." I don't want to grow up. 

Next on our list to do was tour the White House. Sadly, photographs were prohibited, but I took pictures in the entrance hall of Eisenhower Executive Office. Walked a bunch of stairs and saw the We The People website.

More to come :D