Head Shot: Rewards of Using Other Skills / by Sonya Paclob

The difficult part in be a photographer is to be on your toes and still walk a fine line.

The beauty of portrait photography  is the endless amount of learning from unique people. It breaks up the familiarity and adds with uncertainty. Professionally, you have to know your toys: lighting, positions, and len equipments.

Wednesday October 3, 2012, portait photography was those days. Lu, assistant program director at the First Presbyterian Church has hired me several times a year for event photography for their musical concerts. This time, I was asked to do a quick portait shooting. Thankfully, I had her help  a few time to hold the reflector as I used a one light system on Adam Brakel, an Organist from Florida. “I’m picky about my photography,” he said.


I like a good challenge. By the end, the results were truly honoring his personality which was a success. I asked randrom questions about his favorite color, why be an organ player, and about living in Florida. The journalism part of me helped me move into other transitions around the church. It also made him more confortable on the shoot.

Great to be on your toes and use every possible skilled you learned. Sometimes, the most useless tool in your bag will always give you a better alternative than your initial idea.