Video storytelling is my tool in my journalism kit. I have been with the York Daily Record newspaper company for a year and interned with the Public Opinion. I complied a list of noteworthy video I captured during my reporting. It ranges from the Boston Marathon Bombing to women in period dresses celebrating the 150th anniversary in Gettysburg. Majority of the videos were same day edits and in York, Pa. The list of stories form start to finish: 1. Celebrating 125 years of food market: Central Market York 2. Gettysburg 150th: Women in correct period dresses 3. Meat Canning Food For Relief 4. Parkinson's exercise 5. Vietnam Veterans Experience: Pinning map 6. Fashnaught Day: Mennonites making doughnuts 7. Pinewood Derby: Cub scouts annual derby 8. Boston Strong: Locals gather during prayer 9. Valentine's Day: Candy shop making chocolate strawberries 10. Chief firefighter funeral Music by DoKashiteru

Central Market York is a historical building in York City (Pa.) that house more than 50 vendors ranging from producers, butchers, and specialty vendors. The mini documentary focuses on the core values each person shares and how a Pennsylvania Dutch culture became a diverse community with international flavors. Documentary was made for the York Daily Record / Sunday News. The documentary is to capture the essence of the people of York City as well as the growth. The work took 5 months with the use of a Canon 5D Mark II & III.

Sonya Paclob and Jason Plotkin, multimedia journalists at the York Daily Record / Sunday News (Pa) teach inspiring journalist video storytelling with roller derby team.

I was sent out to cover football season for the sports department at the York Daily Record. I created a pre season videos and talked to York, PA coaches on how they prepare for the season. Video & Edited by Sonya Paclob

The York Daily Record / Sunday News found a new way to engage with their readers by turning a circulation van into high tech mobile machine for local events. Managing Editor Randy Parker asked for a commercial video to showcase their new ride and listing at the 2014 Editor & Publisher as the 10 Newspaper That Do It Right List.

Business reporter Lauren Boyer and I collaborated in a fun community activity of Word On The Street. We asked newsroom writers to send their favorite word by email, then we picked are top words and set out to the local farmer's market for the challenge.

The newsroom sends two photographers to cover the many Pennsylvania State University football season. One photographer focus on transmitting photographers. The other captures live stream interviews, pre/post videos, which was me. Video & Edited by Sonya Paclob

I visited the York County SPCA every month to capture available sheltered animals ready for adoption. The videos are less than a minute and are posted on the York Daily Record / Sunday News' Facebook page and TOUT. I've published at least 20 short videos and have had at least 4,000 views on each video.