Documentary explore the food culture of Ireland by visiting the many areas in County Donegal.


Made in Donegal is a celebration of the emerging food culture and identify of County Donegal, Ireland. Situated near the boarders of Northern Ireland and the water boundaries of the North Atlantic, is several isolated bee keepers to restaurant owners reaping the delicacy of their lands. However, due to economic times, all must find a new way to educate and serve their local community. The first step to sustain their growth is through the taste buds of their community and internationally.

Six students from Ohio University studied abroad in Ireland for six weeks to study video storytelling and video production. The collaboration of Alex Bolinger, Kelly Matousek, Amanda Olszewski, Joey Buccini, Matt Monachino worked from the pre production to the final screening.  



Since the online publication of the documentary, it has won the 2013 National Academy Television Award Ohio Valley College Student Production Long Form Non-fiction award and screened in 2013 Athens Film Festival in Ohio.

The documentary has been seen almost 7,000 times award the award and is appeared website like:

 Donegal County Enterprise Board,  is an agency for promoting entrepreneurship in Donegal and businesses form for the sustainable education.

Donegal Cottage Holiday, a web and social media advertising service for holiday homes in Donegal